The Political Violence market has matured rapidly over the last 20 years with increased products and capacity available covering a variety of risks, which are constantly evolving. Coverage solutions often cross lines of business and provide suitable solutions to protect assets, interests and liabilities.

At UIB, you benefit from a dedicated team of Political Violence specialists who pride themselves on expert advice on risk and structure solutions, on developing solutions to meet clients’ needs and on devising an innovative marketing approach to placing political violence cover.

We are a leading worldwide insurance and reinsurance broker dealing with blue chip multi-national companies to private business and regional companies and have developed a substantial knowledge of political violence cover in all territories.


The Political Violence division works closely with clients to dispense relevant and up-to-the-minute advice on terrorism insurance developments globally and offer the highest levels of personal service available from a dedicated team who understand the complexity and requirements of Political Violence, Terrorism and Kidnap & Ransom risks.
Policy wordings, and in particular the standard terrorism policy LMA3030, can be tailor made and amended for individual needs, and exclusions can be addressed if a particular exposure exists. A number of “buy backs” can also be added to broaden coverage.
UIB is an independent and private London-based Lloyd’s broker with a network of international broking offices, which enable us to solely focus on satisfying clients’ interests across the world with complete autonomy and flexibility. We provide highly personalised solutions serviced by a committed team with experience, expertise and language skills with full senior management support.
The Political Violence team thrives on establishing mutually beneficial rapports where we can bring our unique expertise in meeting clients’ distinct challenges and in placing business with highly competitive pricing and terms.

The Political Violence team is highly experienced in working in politically sensitive and difficult regions, having developed close market relationship with all key carriers while maintaining excellent understanding of market practice and regulatory requirements.

Our claims team have extensive experience handling losses globally. All claims are managed within the claims team in London and none of our claims service is outsourced. We provide a comprehensive service covering all aspects of the claim process from original notification to claims payment.


UIB has developed innovative risks solutions for property risks throughout the world, including:


The UIB Political Violence division supports clients exposed to Political Violence or Kidnap and Ransom risks in sourcing suitable solutions such as:

Coup d’État
Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion (SRCC)
War and Civil War
Kidnap & Ransom (incl. extorsion)
Malicious Damage
  • Act of Terrorism – An act (including the use of force or violence) by a person or group committed for political, religious or ideological purposes with the primary intention to influence any government. They may be either acting alone or in connection with an organisation.
  • Civil Commotion – Means a substantial violent uprising by a large number of persons assembled together and acting with common purpose or intent.
  • Civil War – Means an internecine war, a hostile conflict by means of armed forces, or a war carried on between or among opposing citizens of the same country or nation.
  • Coup D’état – Means the sudden change in government other than by democratic means and/or, violent and illegal overthrow of a sovereign government brought about by the use or threat of violence.
  • Insurrection, Revolution or Rebellion – Shall mean a deliberate, organised and open resistance, by force and arms, to the laws or operations of a sovereign government, committed by its citizens or subjects and/or a rising against a sovereign government or other authority.
  • Malicious Damage – All physical loss or physical damage resulting directly from a malicious act caused by anyone. This act does not need to be committed during a disturbance of the public peace, and shall include loss caused by Sabotage and acts committed by any people who are members of an organisation whose aim is to over-throw any legal or de facto Government by terrorism or violence.
  • Mutiny – Means a wilful resistance by members of legally constituted, armed or peace-keeping forces to a superior officer.
  • Riots – Means a violent disturbance by a group of persons assembled together for a common purpose which threatens the public peace.
  • Sabotage – The act of deliberate subversion committed for political, religious or ideological purposes that causes damage or destruction of assets including the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public in fear for such purposes, either incidental or arising out of an Act of Terrorism or Malicious Damage.
  • Strikes – Means a work stoppage to enforce demands made on an employer or to protest against an act or condition.
  • War – Means a contest by force between two or more sovereign nations, carried on for any purpose, armed conflict of sovereign powers and/or declared or undeclared and open hostilities between sovereign nations.


The aim of Political Risk insurance is to protect you from those unforeseen perils which arise from trading/operating in a foreign country. The crucial step is to identify which political risks could affect your specific investment, and to seek protection as early as possible in the planning of your investment.

Forced Abandonment
Currency Inconvertibility
Selective Discrimination
Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalisation and Deprivation
Forced Divestiture


The modern terrorist does not just target government owned property with more and more attacks now being carried out on the private sector. Our clients exposed to Political Violence include:



Construction projects


Manufacturing facilities






Entertainment and leisure facilities



To learn how our Political Violence team’s expertise can benefit you, or for further information please contact:

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